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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Trees of Santa Clarita Central Park

I like trees.

Our continuing series of tree boles.

What's inside a tree?

Trees, warts and all.

Upright citizen.

Solar plant.

Maids all in a row.

Santa Clarita Central Park: Scenes

Some scenes from Central Park.

The Youth Grove to remember Santa Clarita residents under the age of 24 who died in traffic related accidents.

Come to mama baby!
 Green and white balloon day.

And the other colors of the rainbow.

Santa Clarita Central Park: Paths

Central Park has nice walking paths.  

Wild open spaces and paths

Paths and leas.


Santa Clarita Central Park: Objects

Objects lying around Santa Clarita Central Park.

Sails-a-crashing.  This is what it would like if a green-sailed sailboat crashed into a blue-sailed sailboat.

The picnic benches almost hover in mid-air.

Lights.  I brought the camera.

Floral stalk.

Because there is so much to steal.  Is that camera battery powered or what.

Santa Clarita Central Park: Surfaces

Surfaces have many facets and we often overlook the many different ways that surfaces can appear.  These are all ground except for one.

These first three show aspects of fields being restored to their former grassy self.

Field of string.

If you ask questions, they turn on the irrigation.

Sidewalk spatter.

Some sidewalks have it rough.


The rolldown door on the snackbar.