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Monday, January 17, 2011

Large Found Objects

But officer, it was just lying there. 

Rock of ages. 

Broken acorn sculpture.  Imagine the squirrel that cracked this nut.  

Hay Jude!  If you're hungry and you're a horse, dinner is on us!

Nesting spot.  Could use a new roof. 

Plants, Trees and Growth, oh and a couple of hills

Flora of Sand Canyon.  These first two shots are here due to lack of good alternatives. 

Water runoff rill coming down from the train tracks.  Water will find a way. 

Vista looking back at Canyon Country and mountains beyond. 

Sunlit bush and tree.  

A portrait of Mickey Mouse in cactus. 

And this is Piglet, cactus style. 

Tree silhouette.   

Cutesy fungus hanging around.  

Roads and Good Neighbors

A look at the road and fences of Sand Canyon. 

The road through the Sand Canyon wash.  Up and down and up again. 

Kingdom Hall.  And in the other direction, looking at Kingdom Hall.  

I've always enjoyed this split in the road.  They saved a nice old oak tree by splitting the road, and, while they were at it, put the mailboxes there in the middle for easy access.  No need to do anything but slow down while you pick up your mail.  Traffic is light enough that you're unlikely to bother anyone. 

Lots of good neighbor making potential down Sand Canyon.  This solid white fencing seems to be the new standard for white picket fencing.  It lasts a good long time and still looks good years after installation.  Hope the cows like it as well. 

Loved the gate.  These folks have enough space just for their entrance as some people have for their entire lot.  

And further down, their second entrance with roof and San Gabriel mountains in the background. 

Older fencing. Complete with violators will be trespassed upon sign.  

Sand Canyon wash and horse trail.  

Signs and Balloons

Signs and balloons down Sand Canyon

Balloons and signs.  Balloons are a sure sign of a birthday party.  Especially in an area where roads are unfamiliar and possibly not well marked and where houses are far apart, you need other markers for your guests to find you.  The no motorized vehicles sign is particularly interesting because it was placed right before the main drag.  I think it was actually referring to the recently installed horse path along the side of the road.  A very valuable safety addition for us walkers along the Road. 

Great sign.  They had a few of these artsy type signs.  

You're getting two of these balloons.  And watch out for that DEEPS PMUB!

Balloons up close.  The wind blows them into the path of the sunrays. And where's my birthday party??

Giddyap horsey!

A great sunset.  

Found Objects Along Sand Canyon

Some items I spotted walking along Sand Canyon.  I was the one doing the walking, not the items. 

Marlboro cigarettes, blend No 27.  Wonder how the other 26 blends are doing? 

A rare chameleon rock.  

Nearly full fresh pack.  No weathering visible.  Some poor smoker.  

Terraced sandstone perhaps?  

And the not so fresh pack with the lighter still in the box.  Somebody sure loses a lot of Marlboros.  

I think this was paper weathered to a flat pulp.  

Alexander Graham was here.  

Cash and Kerns.  


Some shots of water, running and idle. 

Sunlit water running through the wash.  Not much water remains this long after the rains, but some water continues to truck on through.  

Ripples in the water.  This is almost the same place, but without the sun bouncing off the water directly into the camera.  

The wash itself, left over after the rains.  The black cable obscures the freeway in the distance.  

Trees reflected in a remnant puddle.  

Snow in Sunny California?

And a few weeks later it hit 75 degrees.  But here is snow falling in sunny Southern California!  We got about two inches, and it started falling in the day time.  Last time it snowed here was 20 years ago minus three months, and it only snowed overnight.  The white stuff was still lying around the next morning.  Snow blanketed lemon trees, palm trees and cacti. 

Here's the pool, just to prove we're in sunny SoCal.  See my sandaled foot prints, and the beginnings of a snow man on the table.  

A better view of the patio furniture and snow on grass.  You can see light reflecting off some of the snow flakes.  The snowman stayed sadly incomplete.