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Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Camera

Congratulations, it's a camera!  Just beginning to learn the new toy.  Here are some first shots from around the backyard.  Colors can be rather deep with the new toy.  But the possibilities are exciting.

Birdee bird i.  Can capture that crow at rather rapid speed.

I know, should have picked those lemons already.  Late in the season.

The yard.  Mystery in the distance calls.

Rock pile.  For the local convicts to break into pieces.

Seared bush.

Purple hide and go seeks.  Some of those flowers are in focus somewhere.

That green hurts my eyes.  And I don't think it's that brilliant green in real life.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Buildings at Towsley Canyon

Some of the infrastructure at Towsley Canyon.

I imagine homeland security rents these out as over flow housing.  Looks like they used to be dog kennels.

Restroom as monumental building.

Bar the gate, the barbarians are coming, Bar!

So sad what happened to this building.  Bordered up and left to molder.

A few plants in Towsley Canyon

Some of the tame life.

Thistle.  Looks like mistletoe.

Weed-like set off against mountains.

With small purple flowers.

Dried pink leaves.

Paths of Towsley Canyon

Some of the paths well trodden through Towsley Canyon.

Down into the depths.

Off into the underbrush.  

Wiggling around ever onward.  

  And now up roughly.

Ever more steeply.  

Until suddenly shooting over the edge.  Watch those paths!

Down the other side

Further around, folks in the distance.

Loop around left.

Don't get lost amid the views.  

Rock Portraits from Towsley Canyon

These are a few of my favorite things.  Rock portraits are a recurring feature of this blog.

Apparently Rivendale sold the land to the Santa Monica Conservancy to allow the park to be set up.

Round rock.

These are the Southeastern Santa Clarita termite mounds of lower Newhall.

Acorn beret.

Spotted aggregate.

Half hidden slab.

Moss eaten vagabond.

Signs of Towsley Canyon

Lots of directions and information at Towsley Canyon

Area Closed.  I don't think so, given that there is no door.

Now that you've made it so far into the park, time to turn around and leave your valuables outside your car.

Parking fee area?  Such a low speed area.  Surely if I'm going to pay for parking, you could increase the speed limit a little?  Me, I left the car outside the fee parking area.

A big sign, an iron ranger to receive your vehicle fee, and a mobile R2D2 trash can unit.

Ed's park in the Canyon.

Park is closed, except when its open.  And no vehicles past this point, and this is a 5.1 mile loop which you may not drive your vehicle on.

At least a few vehicles are allowed.  Though how you get yourself authorized isn't clear.

This point appears to be below the level of the pool which was up hill from this point.  And when you need to put out that fire you lit, you can drain the pool here to put it out.

Ground Textures at Towsley Canyon

I took a jaunt to Towsley Canyon.  Or was it Ed Davis Park?  Or both.  The web page on this park says Ed Davis championed the park.  My memory was they named the park after him to win his needed vote over, and that he wasn't a big fan of this sort of thing.

Textures at Towsley.  It's fun what you can see if you look down at the ground and really look.  Besides your shoes of course.

Mud with tire tracks.  Time to get out those tire track molds for your CSI experience.

Anthills.  This particular spot featured many incipient ant colonies.

One determined gopher hole.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Chatsworth Lake Manor

Lake manor is named due to the all manner of lakes living there.

Signage.  I particularly like the hydrant sign.  But I didn't see the little bugger, so he musta been hiding on me.

Quite a number of residents have established art gardens, made of found objects.

The vista behind the garden.

Mr. Scarecrow.  For scaring off DEA agents perhaps?

Definitely not Simba.  Bob Marley is my guess.

Glowing red eyes, wings, and smoke (not shown) coming out of the mouth.

The road to erehwon is paved with cell phone tower devices.

Another garden of found objects.  This one emphasizing vehicles.

That's John, Dear, driving.