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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Parisian Cafes

Some cafes in and around Paris featuring an eclectic international menu.

Decorative chairs waiting for early morning customers.

The chairs are arranged for watching passersby.  Also arranged so passersby can watch the patrons.  This happens to be a Tex-Mex restaurant called Indiana.  Do they know where Indiana is?

Planet Sushi.  Everywhere we went in Paris we saw planet sushi delivery bicycles.

The ever present McDonald's.  The signs in front (how is my driving?) are attached to bikes, for delivering Planet Sushi food from two doors to the right.

Chi-chi's!  Selling I know not what: french fries, extrusions of banana yogurt or churros.

Paris sold very large ice cream cones.  We had ice cream every day, often twice a day.  Yum!

Stately Buildings of Paris

Stately buildings and a few odds and ends.

A standard style.  Ground floor is business.  In this case the second (American) floor is also business, floors 3-5 are apartments and 6 is the garret with attic gables for additional decoration and possibly illumination.  Windows have decorative shutters and railings.

Ground floor business, 2nd to 6th are apartments.  Balconies scattered here and there.

Plainer buildings down the streets, a fancier building with an extra floor on the corner.

The French play a grand game of tic-tac-toe.  Here illustrating a dominating 5 in a row.

A vertical garden.  Water is dripping down the wall, the plant life is lush and green. The Musée du quai Branly featuring indigenous art.

Somewhere on the left bank.  A 7 story narrow building.  Corner of Avenue Rapp and Rue Edmontin Valentin.  That's a Lancia/Alfa Romeo dealer on the ground floor.

This optical illusion on a building wall at the end of Square Rapp.

An Olio of Parisian Items

A few random shots from around Paris.  Art, train tracks, riverside, a gun.

A very engaging art installation in the metro.  The rods rise and fall causing changing patterns.

Metro train tracks.  Lots of wiring on the side.

Paris quay-side.  The right bank if I'm not mistaken.

Well armed and ready.  At the Eiffel tower.  But the camo doesn't work in this environment.

Fountains of Paris

Fountains of Rome Paris.

Place des Vosges.  Where the kids can play.

The beautiful green pool at the Eiffel end of the Place du Trocadero.  This might not be the Place, but it is next to it on the way to the Eiffel Tower.

Early evening outside Paris city hall (Hotel de Ville).  This shot doesn't show the lovely sudsy water.

Fountain below Sacre Coeur showing the lovely green coloration and assorted tourist droppings.  The psychedelic spotting may be the onset of pod formation prior to the invasion of the body snatchers.

Parisian Food

Food for foodies and non-foodies.

Say cheese!  Saayyyy cheese.  A cheese shop.  Unfortunately can't photograph the odor.

Standard foods for regular folk.

Peachy display with relatives.

More Family and Friends in Paris

More pictures of the whole Paris gang: Katy, Sofia, Benedita, Rob's toes and a couple of pigeons including their toes.

Katy and Sofia at the Pompidou center.

Katy, Sofia and Benedita waiting for the Metro to arrive.

Katy and Sofia up on Sacre Coeur.

Two pigeons contributing to the decay of architectural treasures in Paris.

Benedita blowing a kiss to someone else.

Narrow passage way up on Sacre Coeur with visible graffiti.  Someone call the vandalism brigade.

Sacre Coeur with Sofia in the background and Katy eclipsed.

Rob's toes looking down the staircase.

Looking down the stairs at Benedita.

The accordionist played while Benedita and Sofia danced.  In Montmarte.

Picture with Benedita playing some accordion.

Would you like door 1 or door 2 or door 3?
I'll have door 54 please Bob.
Vincent Van Gogh lived here for a while with his brother.

In front of the Moulin Rouge.

Sitting on the metro air exhaust.  With two young ladies.

Sofia taking advantage of the air flow to show off her red highlights.

Family and Friends in Paris

Shots of the group in the first few days of Paris.

Three of Katy and Sofia.

At the Bastille

At the Bastille taking photos.

Eight of Rob and Benedita hugging, mugging and kissing for the camera at the Bastille.

Conquering Paris! Sofia, Benedita and Katy.

Sweet tooth, sweet nose.  Next four are at Place des Vosges, a very nice park in the Marais district.


Surprise kisses

And hugs.

Model and photographer

Going for that dragon tattoo.

At the Place du Trocadero et du 11 Novembre.  Illustrating that even statues sometimes dye their hair.  Apparently not a natural blonde.

Benedita, Sofia Katy and a bunch of nudists, including a nude violinist.

Katy on top of the Eiffel tower.  Okay, floor 1 or 2.

Sitting on a park bench.

You'd be less than happy with a miniature cannon pointed at your head.

The Katy.  At dinner.

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