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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saint Paul Saint Louis in Marais, Paris France

Saint-Paul Saint-Louis isn't a hugely famous church, but it must have been recently reconstructed; looking at google street view, the church facade is obscured by construction.  Both the outside and the inside are quite pretty.  There is a Delacroix inside, though I unfortunately didn't notice it.  :-(

The view from across the street; still can't quite see the entire building.

Wonderful red door.  I see a red door and I want it painted black.  Notice the beggars on the left and right side doors.  Every door to every church in Paris seemed to have it's assigned beggar there requesting alms.  But rarely were there more than one per door.

The upper portion of the facade.

A close-up of the clock.  Wouldn't that look great on your kitchen wall?

The side door opens onto another street.  Very odd from an American cities comprised of square blocks perspective.  A better view of the left door beggar on the right of the photo.

The ceiling inside is magnificent.  See the perspective on the dome here.

And the ceiling of the nave.  Gorgeous.

And the magnificent organ.

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