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Saturday, July 27, 2013

More Family and Friends in Paris

More pictures of the whole Paris gang: Katy, Sofia, Benedita, Rob's toes and a couple of pigeons including their toes.

Katy and Sofia at the Pompidou center.

Katy, Sofia and Benedita waiting for the Metro to arrive.

Katy and Sofia up on Sacre Coeur.

Two pigeons contributing to the decay of architectural treasures in Paris.

Benedita blowing a kiss to someone else.

Narrow passage way up on Sacre Coeur with visible graffiti.  Someone call the vandalism brigade.

Sacre Coeur with Sofia in the background and Katy eclipsed.

Rob's toes looking down the staircase.

Looking down the stairs at Benedita.

The accordionist played while Benedita and Sofia danced.  In Montmarte.

Picture with Benedita playing some accordion.

Would you like door 1 or door 2 or door 3?
I'll have door 54 please Bob.
Vincent Van Gogh lived here for a while with his brother.

In front of the Moulin Rouge.

Sitting on the metro air exhaust.  With two young ladies.

Sofia taking advantage of the air flow to show off her red highlights.

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