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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Parisian Cafes

Some cafes in and around Paris featuring an eclectic international menu.

Decorative chairs waiting for early morning customers.

The chairs are arranged for watching passersby.  Also arranged so passersby can watch the patrons.  This happens to be a Tex-Mex restaurant called Indiana.  Do they know where Indiana is?

Planet Sushi.  Everywhere we went in Paris we saw planet sushi delivery bicycles.

The ever present McDonald's.  The signs in front (how is my driving?) are attached to bikes, for delivering Planet Sushi food from two doors to the right.

Chi-chi's!  Selling I know not what: french fries, extrusions of banana yogurt or churros.

Paris sold very large ice cream cones.  We had ice cream every day, often twice a day.  Yum!

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