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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Walls and Spires in Evora

Walls and Spires

This might be part of the castle, near the university or part of the Se Cathedral.

Part of the registry building making pretty patterns.

A wall with pretty flowers.  These are very high up on the wall, these are not easy to water.

Part of the old fortification for protecting the town.  Several different patching with several different ages are visible.

Evora Tiles

We've seen some tiles in previous posts.  The first and last are unknown but the middle ones are from the University de Evora.  Regrettably we couldn't get into some of the classrooms, which are completely covered in tile scenes.

From the university.

These next three are part of a set of four, but one picture turned out poorly, so here are Fire, Earth and Water.


and Water

Not sure this one had a name.

This is from the Loios Chapel next to the Palace of the Duke de Cadaval.

Evora Doors, Windows, Stairs and Streets

Doors, windows, stairs, and a street scene.  From wandering around Evora.

I think this is Igreja de Sao Francisco.

This is the entrance to the palacio of the Duke de Cadaval.

Apparently a famous window in Evora.  Don't know why its there, but a lot of fun to look at.

Stairway to heaven.

Classic European narrow road.  Cars can go down this way, though it is a one-way drive.

Signs of Evora

Evora Signs.

Hotel sign.  This was our hotel.  Very pleasant stay, and nice art work in various places on the wall.  From the name I thought I was in the bay area of California!

Celebrate statistics and statisticians where ever they might be.

And this was where the birth of my son was registered.

A german shepard.  Needs a leash.

And collies need leashes as well.

King of Arches.  I was so thinking I was looking at a MacDonalds that I walked up looking at the menu, and couldn't parse it at all.  Then another look and I realized these guys were ripping off both Burger King and MacDonalds and at the same time!  Can you say lawsuit?

Arraiolos Rugs in Evora

We were able to see several spectacular Arraiolos rugs in Evora in the Palace of the Duke de Cadaval.  My father-in-law used to make these, so we have some idea of the time, skill and labor involved.  These are fantastic examples of the art.  Our hotel (Best Western!) also had several smaller examples and one large example on the walls.

Irregular shapes repeating occasionally.  Just amazing.  And huge, this is an area rug.

A traditional pattern of birds and designs.  But quite complex.

A mirror.  It's not a rug.

A jaguar, incredible.

Pigs of Evora

And there was a whole herd of them.  In Giraldo Square.  The wife suspected they were there because this used to be where the pig market was held.  But the explanation was more mundane.

Here you get an idea of the problem.

And in closeup.  What self-respecting piggy would be out in a bikini in the middle of town?

One piggy after another.  All colors and stripes and plaids and blotches.

Oh how cute.  Candy in front, smiley on the right and Pink in back.

Close up of Pretty in Pink.

Mannequins of Evora

Evora had its share of mannequins.

The butler at the Loios convent Pousada restaurant and assistant.

Alternate view of the butler.

Chef at a local restaurant.

Evora Churches

Some of the churches in Evora.  Unfortunately I didn't get to see them all, and didn't always get good pictures, but these are some of the better or more notable pictures.

Having these guys, gargoyles perhaps, but larger, on top of your church might seem off-putting today.  I think this is the church of our lady of grace.

The bells atop our lady of grace.

I think this is the Sao Francisco church ceiling.

Igreja de São Francisco, the Capela dos Ossos or the Chapel of Bones.  Morbid.  That's a full skeleton to the left of the cross and a child to the left of that one.  The chapel is covered almost entirely in bones.  Apparently they dug up a number of graveyards and needed to put the bones somewhere.  It was partly built to help the monks who prayed here concentrate on what is important.  (And just what is important anyway?)

This church is next to the Palace of the Duke de Cadaval, part of the Loios convent.  The walls are completely covered in tile.  I covet this lectern for giving my lectures from.

The exterior of the Se Cathedral.  Some of the Apostles outside for a bit of sun.

Gargoyle.  What church is complete without a gargoyle?

Minarets on the Se Cathedral.

Evora Portugal Art and Fountains

Time for some photographs of Evora, Portugal.  We start with some public art and some fountains.

This stone looks like a tortured tree trunk but you can see a face on the right side there.  This was in the Praca do Giraldo.

This fountain in Praca do Giraldo.

This morbid sculpture is on the castle grounds across from the University.

Sixteenth century fountain.

Called the Temple of Diana, it was actually dedicated to the Emperor Augustus.  Perhaps the best known tourist site in Evora.

A fireplug.  You know I have a liking for fire hydrants worldwide.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Miami Beach Signs III: The Best of the Rest

This is our last Miami Beach post, and our last Miami Beach signage post.  These are the signs not for parking and not from the beach, though because I wanted to keep all the dog poop signs in one place, they're all here, beach related or not. 

Stand here.  Oh look at the funny man, mommy. 

My hotel's signs.  Top sign says "Wine a bit, you'll feel better".  

Oh that disease transmitting pet waste.  

And here's for that people waste.  

Looks like pedestrians are worth $83 in Miami Beach, if you can manage to hit one, that is.  

Hmm, sorry but this may lose us our G-blog rating.  Apparently there are dolphins doing 69 behind the gate.  Presumably in the pool.  Parents take note and protect your children.  Perhaps take them to the beach where they can play in the rip tides. 

This is a very popular sign.  I'm curious about that authorized representative title.  Couldn't I just arrange for the 4 foot 11 inch waitress to be my authorized representative and she could then ask the inebriated 6 foot 9 foot ball player who just hit his head on the roof of the parking structure to leave instead of administering first aid? 

So if I don't want to service the waitress, I can't sit there.  No waiters?  Discrimination is alive and kicking in Miami Beach.  

This hotel has the best signs.  

And the W hotel really wants you to have a good time, but not on their dime.  

It's the law!  But no word on whether it transmits disease or not.  

PLEASE (and now put on bifocals so you read the signage) curb your dog.  And pick-hyphen-up after your dog.  Better then picking up before your dog.  Or just pick up your dog.  And the SLMA (pronounced SLAM-Ah) management is not responsible for lost or damaged poop.  Incidently, there was no curb around here.  I guess they want you to take your dog about a block away where there is a whole lotta traffic but at least there is a curb. 

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