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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Miami Beach Plants, Palms and Creatures

This started as just Palms, but I've added in the other trees I found (none) and a few other creatures as well. 

Palm trees rearing their topknots.  And you thought palm trees were like dinosaurs and didn't rear anything. 

Someone has to recycle around here.  This red ant was noticeably all over this lovely trash can when he (she?, it?) stopped to allow its picture to be taken.  

This is one of those weird Miami Beach parks.  Lots of palms inserted into the ground.  For what purpose you ask?  Go ask the Miami Beach city council.  

Seven birds are all looking at the same idiot out in the water, while one bird looks for food and one headless bird looks elsewhere.  

Those canonical palm trees.  

And some palms are actually hotels.  Need some retouching on the Royal sign.  

Grackle in the grass.  

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