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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Big Buildings and Balconies in Miami Beach

Most of these pictures were taken from along the boardwalk or on the beach, though there are exceptions.  The patterns formed are pretty.  I thought about breaking this post into smaller posts, but there isn't any guiding substructure to select a subset.  Each of these pictures is of the balconies on a large building.  Some buildings have two or even three shots.  Enjoy. 

Gold balconies.  A larger shot of this building shows up later. 

Dramatic weather.  This building stands tall in the face of a storm.   

 These next three shots are of the same building.  Sure looks like the Borg set up shop here, all the balconies have the same equipment on them. 

It's a pretty building.  

This picture is more fun on its side.  

White balconies with black railings.  

This building reminded me of the council chambers in Star Wars.  I expected each balcony to fly off and land whenever occupants needed to get to the beach.  

 Tall skinny drink of a building slice.  The width of the shot increases with the height of the building. 

 See through balcony walls.  Intimidating if you've a fear of heights. 

This golden building glowed when hit properly by the sun. 
 Older building with open block style railings. 

That's one way to get up and down, and you don't have to wait on the elevator.   

These next three are of the same building.  Stonehenge on top.  

Protruding side wing balconies.   

Round end-cap.

This art deco building's staggered balconies make a pretty pattern.  

Not sure what's in the spire.  The penthouse suite or a rotating restaurant?  

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