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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Miami Beach White House(s)

In our trio of color coded postings, these are the ubiquitous White Buildings of Miami Beach.  Soft cool colors are important in the heat to try to keep your building a little cooler than it otherwise might be. 

Mr. Miller's hotel.  White with Red trim. 

And a set of white buildings.  The large one notable for many palm trees on flagrant rooftop display.  

Those top penthouse suites look intriguing, though there's mostly only space for the elevators and stairs on each floor.  

The Shelborne Hotel.  

The Palms Hotel and Spa on the left, and that may be the same hotel in the center.  

White patterned sidewalls.  

Jerry's Famous Deli is fairly well known.  We have these around here.  Notice the target signs on the right.  

Long thin anonymous whitish building.  

Need to start photographing the names of the buildings.  

14th street white potty.  With blue trim. 

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