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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Blue Buildings in Miami Beach

Here are the blue buildings.  These range from blue to aqua.  Blue trim qualifies a structure as much as a fully blue building. 

The Parisian Hotel with blue and yellow trim.  Next door is Hotel Eva, with Eva's restaurant downstairs with good Cuban food.  

The Riviere.  Miami Beach is packed with these delightful modest sized Art Deco buildings.  

Blue grid sun roof.  

The Lincoln Arms, which I passed each day of the conference going from my hotel to the conference center.  Not sure what happened to the Lincoln Feet.  The Lincoln Head is inside.  

The canonical fully blue from stem to stern blue building.  Even the parking sign is blue.  

How could they paint Aqua any other color?  This is only a couple buildings up the street from the Parisian.  

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