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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Evora Churches

Some of the churches in Evora.  Unfortunately I didn't get to see them all, and didn't always get good pictures, but these are some of the better or more notable pictures.

Having these guys, gargoyles perhaps, but larger, on top of your church might seem off-putting today.  I think this is the church of our lady of grace.

The bells atop our lady of grace.

I think this is the Sao Francisco church ceiling.

Igreja de S√£o Francisco, the Capela dos Ossos or the Chapel of Bones.  Morbid.  That's a full skeleton to the left of the cross and a child to the left of that one.  The chapel is covered almost entirely in bones.  Apparently they dug up a number of graveyards and needed to put the bones somewhere.  It was partly built to help the monks who prayed here concentrate on what is important.  (And just what is important anyway?)

This church is next to the Palace of the Duke de Cadaval, part of the Loios convent.  The walls are completely covered in tile.  I covet this lectern for giving my lectures from.

The exterior of the Se Cathedral.  Some of the Apostles outside for a bit of sun.

Gargoyle.  What church is complete without a gargoyle?

Minarets on the Se Cathedral.

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