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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Miami Odds and Beach Ends

Humorous and odd found objects from Miami Beach. 

Odd things grow in the Miami heat.  Here is an example.  These plants always grew in pairs, usually up threw the sidewalk and there were several growing in the neighborhood of the convention center.  Very disturbing, as if I were watching a remake of a bad horror flick. 

Clear evidence that Santa's sleigh makes it to Miami Beach.  

Visiting a friend's view hotel room at Loews and this was the only picture that turned out.  I could barely open my eyes on the balcony because the glare from this white roof was blinding.  The view of the Miami skyline was dazzling as well, but failed to impress the camera.  

Most mannikins in store windows were wearing very few clothes, however, I had assumed that the purpose of the mannikins was to sell the clothes, and not the mannikins.  

Random stuff on the side of a hotel.  Perhaps an industrial kitchen vent?  

And the same hotel has a handicapped piece of sidewalk for visitors.  

This table and chair combination managed to sit one whole person.  Rather awkward tho cute seating arrangements.  Not sure what they do when the shriners visit instead of us statisticians.  

Incubator for Cylons.  

The heat is so strong it bakes frond imprints into the ground.  

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