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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Windows on the world

Some fenster-nalia for your viewership to reflect upon. 

Convenient for shooting self portraits. 

Jailed window.  Get that photographer out of there!

What to say?  Boring architecture.  

Sad looking windows and a roof.  

Vehicles in distress

It's an upwardly mobile locale, but not for these vehicles. 

Train just sitting there. 

Truck or Canvas?  

A car parts delivery van with a flat tire?  Hmm, I wonder where they can go get that fixed?  

5-0, this is McGarrett.  We have shots fired at a Ford van.  

Tableaus, Vistas and Such

Some views and set pieces. 

Two rocks, a tree bole and a support.  Random tableau number 567.  

I know pebbles that look like this.  In Canyon Country the rocks are larger.  

And there, down at the end of the street, blocking the way, was a trash can.  This is where I teach my kids to cross the street and avoid a fight with the trash can.  

Pack enough stuff into a photo and it's at least gonna be weird.  

So I took a picture of this moderately big red balloon.  When I looked at the enlarged photo back home, I realized that it was teathered on a string trailing from one of the apartments on the left.  

House with large mountain range in the background.  

More mountain range, with a little hill in the foreground.  

Signs of the Times

The usual posted poperie (potpourri?) of signs that must be read. 

Because of the overflow, we've provided additional parking here. 

A nicely detailed explanation of why we have a no trespassing sign.  To wit:  "C.P.C. 602.  No trespassing!!  This is private property.  No one is to come onto this property unless they have business with Don or Daryl or Ron.  Everyone else is in the process of being evicted.  You will not be given a second, separate warning.  The sheriff's department will be called immediately upon discovery of anyone else on the property."

So if you've no business with the boys, but you're being evicted, you can come on the property. 

Oh boy.  I love in-your-face discipline.  Lets put bullies in charge of teaching kids not to be bullies.  The crime stats had some erroneous stats in them.  

So that's where all the cooking oil comes from.  

Better by owner.  Hate to buy this place from someone else.  

Shadows of things

Some shadows.  The typical Canyon Country strong sun is good for something.  Casting shadows. 

House shadow with battlements. 

Tree shadow on the long grass.  

Had to tilt the camera angle to get the full shadow.  

Shot from the shadow of the trees.  

California poppy shadow.  

Growing Things in Canyon Country

Plants and trees. 

Scanning electron microscope picture of a blood corpuscle or a bush.  You decide. 

Leaning tree.  Don't drive to close to the curb, it'll take the paint off your pick-up.  All trees in canyon country lean to some extent due to the wind.  

A spot of color in Canyon Country.  How'd that happen?  

Such a pleasant surprise, we supply two photos.  

The alien pod people decided that cacti were the dominant life form on Earth.  

Hanging flowers.  

California poppy.  

Large bush or small houses?  

Cheerful tree.  

More found objects

Some more things lying around Canyon Country. 

Couple electrical boxes on the street, with photographer shadow.  Rather different coloration on those boxes, wouldn't you say? 

Bricked in kiln.  

What?  You don't have a statue of an elk baying at the moon in your neighborhood? 

Time to get a new wagon wheel.  Canyon Country has vendors who sell these things.  Though, usually they include the entire wheel.  Not sure you can get just a portion of the wheel.   

Rusty rusty rusty.   And they wonder why the sewer rats suffer from iron poisoning. 

 Shopping bags are handy for carrying water.  But when it spills, its a big mess. 

Random Found Objects

Some odd things I saw and took pictures of on this walk.

Tree trunk with peeling bark. 

Couldn't decide to send up a new branch where, so sent up three instead.  

This is what you get when you chop down a palm tree.  

In your face key pad entry device.  Just sitting there.  

Did you lose your bread, sir?  Here, let me help you with that.  

Buildings and Parking Lots

Lots of buildings and lots of parking lots in Canyon Country.  These are mostly from along Sierra Highway.  The parking lots are so bustling with customers that it took special photography to manage a complete shot of these buildings.  I've probably included pictures of several of these previously.  Canyon Country is a grey and dark sickly green colored place.  These washed out buildings fit in well with the general color scheme.  Not that you could shoot a Clint Eastwood movie here, because those have more color in them. 

Drive your basketball hoop to the store anyone?  At least they have one customer. 

That's a Brazilian jiu jitsu place next to a dentist.  And after your teeth get kicked in, you can get 'em fixed up.  See the folks just lining up to visit? 

Vet clinic.  If your adobe gets ill, bring 'im or 'er in.  

All the modern conveniences.  

Changing room for the basketball court.  

A spot of color at the coachworks collision center.  Come here to crash?   Actually all the ponies and flags belong to the daycare next door out of the picture. 

I've included pictures of this combination Chinese restaurant and car garage previously. 

Dueling day cares.  These have crayons.  Sorry, no ponies.