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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Signs of the Times

The usual posted poperie (potpourri?) of signs that must be read. 

Because of the overflow, we've provided additional parking here. 

A nicely detailed explanation of why we have a no trespassing sign.  To wit:  "C.P.C. 602.  No trespassing!!  This is private property.  No one is to come onto this property unless they have business with Don or Daryl or Ron.  Everyone else is in the process of being evicted.  You will not be given a second, separate warning.  The sheriff's department will be called immediately upon discovery of anyone else on the property."

So if you've no business with the boys, but you're being evicted, you can come on the property. 

Oh boy.  I love in-your-face discipline.  Lets put bullies in charge of teaching kids not to be bullies.  The crime stats had some erroneous stats in them.  

So that's where all the cooking oil comes from.  

Better by owner.  Hate to buy this place from someone else.  

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