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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tableaus, Vistas and Such

Some views and set pieces. 

Two rocks, a tree bole and a support.  Random tableau number 567.  

I know pebbles that look like this.  In Canyon Country the rocks are larger.  

And there, down at the end of the street, blocking the way, was a trash can.  This is where I teach my kids to cross the street and avoid a fight with the trash can.  

Pack enough stuff into a photo and it's at least gonna be weird.  

So I took a picture of this moderately big red balloon.  When I looked at the enlarged photo back home, I realized that it was teathered on a string trailing from one of the apartments on the left.  

House with large mountain range in the background.  

More mountain range, with a little hill in the foreground.  

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