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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Buildings and Parking Lots

Lots of buildings and lots of parking lots in Canyon Country.  These are mostly from along Sierra Highway.  The parking lots are so bustling with customers that it took special photography to manage a complete shot of these buildings.  I've probably included pictures of several of these previously.  Canyon Country is a grey and dark sickly green colored place.  These washed out buildings fit in well with the general color scheme.  Not that you could shoot a Clint Eastwood movie here, because those have more color in them. 

Drive your basketball hoop to the store anyone?  At least they have one customer. 

That's a Brazilian jiu jitsu place next to a dentist.  And after your teeth get kicked in, you can get 'em fixed up.  See the folks just lining up to visit? 

Vet clinic.  If your adobe gets ill, bring 'im or 'er in.  

All the modern conveniences.  

Changing room for the basketball court.  

A spot of color at the coachworks collision center.  Come here to crash?   Actually all the ponies and flags belong to the daycare next door out of the picture. 

I've included pictures of this combination Chinese restaurant and car garage previously. 

Dueling day cares.  These have crayons.  Sorry, no ponies.  

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