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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Prep

The table, bacon and fruit.

The kitchen, pregnantly awaiting future bustle.

Sun on thanksgiving table.

One in a continuing series of bacon photos.

The fruit salad prep sequence.

Red grapes.

Orange prep.

Orange residue.

Blackberries on a strawberry bed.

And the end result.  Fruit Salad!

And no, there's no bacon in the fruit salad.  Though admittedly many dishes can be improved by the inclusion of bacon.

Canyon Country: Fall Views and Colors 3

A few last color spot photos.

Yellow with hints of gold, rust and green.

Lots of yellow!

The birch/aspen are really beautiful this year.


The Bones of Canyon Country

The bones, o the bones.

Roots up close.

Roots writ grand.

Trees are rather random objects.

Whole Lotta Canyon Country: The Park

Views of, through and beyond Canyon Country Park.

Canyon Country Park upper plaza.

This is why those romantic notions of Costco.

Old wood fence shadow and fence.

Lost Canyon & Soledad intersection.

Drinking fountain, circa when the Santa Clarita valley was first settled by Europeans.  

Canyon Country: Fall Views and Colors 2

More Canyon Country fall colors and trees.  Its been a good year for color, lets milk it for all its worth.

Birch golden yellow.

If this one turns, its a bad sign.

Golden red birch.

A lot of bright red this year.

And bright yellow too.

More red, almost auburn.

People trim the olive trees in some interesting Dr. Seussian patterns.

Red color with bug.  Note the bug's path.

The same bug making an illegal U-turn by another brilliant red tree.

Succulent on this.

Another yellow.

And when winter hits, and the leaves are gone, the birdies are left and cold.  Tweet tweet.

And where do all those leaves go?  Down, to the ground, but not to get out of the rain.

Canyon Country: Views and Things

Some photos, some pretty, some reflecting on less than happy events.

Dramatic mountain views.  But its not for sale.  A view from the backyard.

The new fence to replace the fence the drunk driver knocked over on Canvas.

View of the school.

Two theories:  (i) Santa Claus wanted a bigger entrance.  (ii) Firefighters knocked a hole in the roof to let out the heat.  Notice that you can see through the backside of the roof.  This is commonly known as "not good".  And its been a very rainy season this year.

Canyon Country: Five things

Five things that seemed out of place in Canyon Country.

I thought this was a CVS logo, but perhaps its just the shopping center logo.  A stylized four leaf clover.

Out of place and off color brick work.

Stone in grass.  A common enough occurrence, yet always jarring.

Burglar alarm or air vent.  You decide.

Buried shovel handle?  Upside down horse stirrup?  Something was buried pretty deep.

Canyon Country: Store Fronts

Some store fronts in Canyon Country.

Multi-colored store front.

Dramatic clouds over Art's liquors.

The post office mall, a few weeks after a good Samaritan going to the aid of a robbery victim was shot at the end at the far end.  This is everyone's loss.  However, next time I see someone being robbed, I won't be approaching 3 guys with my baseball bat, but will be on the phone to 911.

Ok, not a store front, but do you really want everyone to know where your swamp cooler and hot water heater are?

Long time rural character of the mobile home park stuck between a busy street and the freeway.

The neighborhood, with mailboxes.

Canyon Country: Fall Signs

Always time for a new sign posting.

No parking sign part of the city council's 'paint the town red' program.

And the new 'no parking' red curb painting comes complete with an instruction manual!

Sadly no longer supplying compleat automotive services.  If you've seen some blue paint, please send it their way.

A piercing remark.

If that's how much you care about renting the storefront, I doubt you'll get someone anytime soon.  A former bank turned former used mobile home sales turned empty store front.  We need a restaurant to open to rescue Canyon Country from oblivion.

Who's majestic now?

Gang or tagger sign of the times.

Couldn't you at least put in a two-way sign?  Pretty ugly there.

One of Canyon Country's finer residential establishments.  

An upgrade.  Actually the grounds do look pretty nice.

Now this might seem out of place in a posting on signs, but the two tone wall color indicates that the assiduous property owner has painted over some gang or tagger signage.  Good for the owner!

Not to mention the steel plate lying right here.

Progress?  And let me tell you, but AT&T needs to build a bunch of these to catch up with Verizon, at least in Canyon Country.

It's suppose to say BIKE, but if you look at the B, doesn't it look like a car driving down the road?

I've asked before, and I'll ask again.  If there's a sign directing you to "Lost Canyon", can it really be lost?

New flag at the new church on the freeway.  I hope the pastor can be heard over the rumble of trucks driving down the 14.

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