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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Canyon Country: Odds and Evens and Ends

My occasional collection of odds and ends found lying around Canyon Country.

Coffee colored spill tells a story.

Who leaves hats in the planters?

CVS buckets.

Water meters awaiting disconnection.

Path to somewhere behind the shops.  I picture Matt Damon or Daniel Craig running down the path as bullets ricochet.

At first it appeared to be a pizza.  Near the hat above.

One of the older wooden ATM models.

Always inspect the gutters, you might see a cave painting Merrill Lynch bull in tar.

I picture the city bus shelter painting crews coming through to periodically paint the bus stop green and they got the shopping cart at the same time.

Two pipes for feeding the plants.  I fear evil is afoot.

Typical awesometown Stalinist architecture.

Either a rotting mushroom or a rotting coconut off the Canyon Country coconut tree.

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