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Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Picture UCLA Doesn't Want You To See!

Truely.  After I took this picture, I was settling in to take a picture of a sign warning cars to not run over the pedestrians.  A very large UCLA HealthCare Security guard who was walking along where I was barked at me "Don't take pictures of the buildings!"  I was incredulous, and asked "You mean I can't take pictures of my own building?"  The guard repeated his statement.  I asked why.  He wouldn't answer.  I moved on, shaking.  It took me a full day to calm down.  I still think he was massively out of line.  One of these days I'll take that other picture and post it.  Probably there is a copy of it already in the blog; I know I've been around there snapping shots.

Without further ado:

Crane over UCLA.

And here is what I probably would have posted had the security guard not interfered.  I like stairs, but that is one intimidating length of stairs to climb up while exposed to the entire world while getting to work.  

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