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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Larchmont District: Olio

A collection of found objects in the Larchmont district.

Best buddies.  Partners in getting pissed on.

Ah the über-friendly establishment. How do you like my umlaut?

Since when did they start making wooden phone booths?

Raindrop detritus on the table top.

As part of our homeless bum and wayward teenager dispersal program, we put sharp vertical objects on all non-approved horizontal sitting surfaces.

Double protection, belt and suspenders.  If the wheel stop doesn't get them, the guardrail will.

Stairway to heaven.  Or at least the second floor.  And just how do I know it's not a stairway to the ground floor?

Stop all that $#!+.

Reflections in a small puddle.

Someone put a lot of time into this.

Loved the picture.  A little blurry, but oh so colorful.  I had to include this.  In case you are hungry.

Ghost photographer.

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