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Friday, February 26, 2010

Six Shots of Shangri-La

That's Shangri-La of Canyon Country, not China. 

The view from Shangri-La.  Looks either like an olde tyme photo or the aftermath of the Canyon Country hurricane.  Or maybe it just looks like this. 

Love those California hills.  Tried trimming this picture down to focus in on just the hills, but every trim lost some of the feel.  Consequently you are getting the entire picture. 

Clean lines.  Oz peeking over the top of the hill. 

Thank you to whomever posed the vases in their windows. 

I like several of the decks in Shangri-La. 

A bit of a European and an MC Escher feel to this one. 

Silhouettes at Sundown

Silhouettes and shades from along Soledad Canyon Road as the sun sets. 

Electric poles marching in succession.

Electric poles fading in the distance. 

My Andy Wyeth photograph.  Love those mountain shades of gray. 

Canyon County White's Canyon

Three shots from around Canyon Country near White's Canyon.  We've seen these locations or similar ones before, but we have new views of them. 

Ramp to bike path.  

I love this wall.  And this is one way to extend the wall even further, without building on. 

Still a sucker for a waving flag.  There are other flags around this intersection, but this is the best one. 

Trees in procession. 

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wandering after the Rain

Post-rain storm photos

Evil tree. This tree just doesn't look right to my eye.  I grew up among deciduous and fir trees, and this tree looks like something that might hang out with Audrey from little shop of horrors. 

 The perfect desktop image. 

Pity the poor slob who had to paint everything the same color.  Except the pole. 

Proof that the dry wash occasionally carries wet dirt downstream to the ocean.  

Santa Clara river wash bike path, White's canyon bridge, buildings along Sierra Highway and the hills behind Fair Oaks ranch. 

I love a waving flag in the breeze.  And when is Canyon Country without its breeze? 

Could do a better job of dealing with that there graffito.  The sunset turns the yellows lovely shades of orange.