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Friday, February 12, 2010

Wandering after the Rain

Post-rain storm photos

Evil tree. This tree just doesn't look right to my eye.  I grew up among deciduous and fir trees, and this tree looks like something that might hang out with Audrey from little shop of horrors. 

 The perfect desktop image. 

Pity the poor slob who had to paint everything the same color.  Except the pole. 

Proof that the dry wash occasionally carries wet dirt downstream to the ocean.  

Santa Clara river wash bike path, White's canyon bridge, buildings along Sierra Highway and the hills behind Fair Oaks ranch. 

I love a waving flag in the breeze.  And when is Canyon Country without its breeze? 

Could do a better job of dealing with that there graffito.  The sunset turns the yellows lovely shades of orange. 

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