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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Equipment on the COC Campus

College of the Canyons is ready for anything.  A cross section of the hardware in use on campus for electrical, phone, internet, carbon dating and dusting. 

Large box on outside of concrete bunker.  Clearly an important piece of equipment.  Probably the computer system that runs the entire campus when the chancellor is out of town, records grades and overcharges your credit card. 

Smaller boxes that control traffic and the diurnal rhythms of the campus.  These turn the stop signs invisible, and allow jaywalkers to escape damage.  Also these control the height of the grass and flowers and plants so that the campus pays a much reduced fee for gardening. 

The dust hog.  This hog pulls in dust from the surrounding fields and distributes it uniformly across all books and professors office spaces to give that lived in, university-style feel of great antiquity. 

A close-up of the internet pipes running into campus.  The COC internet connection is so large, they can deliver objects up to the size of a medium pizza to your desktop inside any COC faculty office. 

Outdoor wireless connections.  Not suitable for pizza delivery. But strong enough to provide service anywhere on campus provided no one is smoking near you. 

The Furniture! The Home Show At COC

Furniture and furnishings in the College of the Canyons Collection.  

The furniture mostly consists of tables and chairs in the College of the Canyons Collection.  An outdoor picnic table.  Fun for the whole crew. 

Colorful wooden bookshelves in the COC colors.  In spite of the woodenness of the construction, these are suitable for outdoor placement.  

Door stop in red.  Not a COC color.  

Tables and chairs, indoor variety from the College of the Canyons Collection!

Close-up, doll furniture.  Note the stark wall setting, providing contrast with the soft wood colors, and yet a similar tone is found in the flat table top. 

Electric outlet when both computer users need electric power, but while one needs to plug into the net, the other either carries a screwdriver or has wireless access.  

Fake waterfall.  Can you imagine the intrepid COC students sitting around the falls eating their lunches and discussing the latest theories of existentialism and Freud.  

Alternative picnic table coloration.  

Outdoor box for placing fliers or campus maps.  With guardian tree bole.  

Stuff on the Ground at College of the Canyons

Pictures of things on the ground or pictures of the ground itself. 

L. Frank had it wrong.  And there, at the end of the yellow brick road, Dorothy found ... a trashcan. 

A lonely leaf lying on the ground.  

Step to it.  

Orange just lying there. Kind of a shocking color. 

The ground comes in multiple textures at College of the Canyons.  

Tres Amigos. The three sentries. 

Light Poles of COC

Who knew light poles could be so interesting and stylish!

Tri-parital lamp pole.  Reflect on this for a moment. 

This one is interesting, particularly compared to the next.  

This and the previous are photos of the same light pole and 5 Lot sign.  Colors are quite different. 

A close-up of some light, not the previous one.  

Hanging around outside.  

Please sir, may I come in?  

Patterns from around COC


Tennis anyone?  Chain link and stretched tarp.  

Tennis court entrance.  Fat lot of good a tennis court does you if the door is locked.  

Watch out pebble, last drop is a doozy.  This one didn't have a dolphin spray painted on it.  Hopefully all that spray paint is biodegradable.  It does wash or peal off eventually.

Entrance mat.  

Railings of COC

COC has some distinctive railings.  I worry that the ones made of wires and screws will come apart soon enough, but they look neat.  Possibly a case of making hay when all you've got is sunshine and mother nature gives you lemons. 

A railing dude.  Quit railing against the gods. 

Metal gate.  Okay, not quite a railing, but made of railing type material.  

That first railing from the other direction.  

This railing really wanted to be along a stairs going down.  

Under stairs.  

Yes, there is a railing, Virginia.  

Unnerving when your railing takes a turn down a wall.  

Close-up railing.  

Railing and stairs.  

Railing with in-fill to prevent short students from falling off the walkway underneath the railing.  

Escher railing.  

Signs of COC: Set 3

Our third set of COC signs. 

Who you calling Dips?  And snacking isn't really consonant with a fitness walk. 

At least the north commons is north of central commons.  Though neither can be found on the COC map.  Go figure.  

About that buddy system.  After you've taken your friend to his vehicle, you should run like the dickens to your vehicle and jump in really really fast.  

It takes a village.  Fortunately they have one around.  And you can find the village on the map. If you're going to the student support center, I suggest jogging a little left before going forward. 

As a child, I loved these puzzles.  Now what number is missing.  Could it be a 2?  

Fantastical van painting.  

There is something to be said for a single non-confusing, coherent, systematic sign.  Perhaps they could replace these 5 signs (with 7 messages on them) with a single sign in consistent print that has each item numbered from most important to least important.  As it is, there is so much writing here I'm expecting a quiz on the message in the morning.  

Signs of COC: Set 2

More signs from COC. 

Blogger insisted that this sign needed to be rotated 90 degrees.  More citations await your future.  What if you're not dropping off a student beyond this point?  Suppose you dropped off or picked up a faculty member or maybe the president?  And what if your student weighs too much to be picked up? 

And this is even worse.  You can't even drop off a student, nor turn around beyond this point.  And if you went and weren't able to turn around?  Would they cite your vehicle? 

And you students can park here in the evening, but daytime belongs to, well basically this is a daycare, and parents can park to drop their students off. 

And this sign is very close to the previous sign.  Staff are also included.  Except on weekends.  And we need a semi-temporary sign saying about the same hung between two poles specifically mounted for the purpose of hanging a sign between them!

Who knew?  They have erasers for metal signage!  This used to say Visitor parking.  Now its not clear who this parking is for.  Maybe if the facilities office drives up (in what?) then the office can park itself right here. 

I need these dolphin signs to remind me which man hole covers drain to ocean.  You never know when you'll need to pull a Nemo and zip down the sink and escape to the ocean!

How'd you like it if some tree came up to you and put a sign in front of you calling you "SLOW"? 

This is the Central Commons.  They also have a non-central commons with n-1 degrees of freedom.  (Sorry, that's a stat joke.)  Amusingly, there is no building called "Central Commons" on the COC map. 

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