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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Furniture! The Home Show At COC

Furniture and furnishings in the College of the Canyons Collection.  

The furniture mostly consists of tables and chairs in the College of the Canyons Collection.  An outdoor picnic table.  Fun for the whole crew. 

Colorful wooden bookshelves in the COC colors.  In spite of the woodenness of the construction, these are suitable for outdoor placement.  

Door stop in red.  Not a COC color.  

Tables and chairs, indoor variety from the College of the Canyons Collection!

Close-up, doll furniture.  Note the stark wall setting, providing contrast with the soft wood colors, and yet a similar tone is found in the flat table top. 

Electric outlet when both computer users need electric power, but while one needs to plug into the net, the other either carries a screwdriver or has wireless access.  

Fake waterfall.  Can you imagine the intrepid COC students sitting around the falls eating their lunches and discussing the latest theories of existentialism and Freud.  

Alternative picnic table coloration.  

Outdoor box for placing fliers or campus maps.  With guardian tree bole.  

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