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Sunday, April 3, 2011

College of the Canyons Signs

A series of pictures from the local community college, College of the Canyons, Valencia campus.  This set is actually a later set.  There is an earlier set that had so many wonderful pictures, I haven't gotten around to posting them yet.  This being a smaller set, it's managing to get posted first. 

This particular set are signs posted around campus.  There are lots of more signs, they really have an amazing coterie of signs on this campus. 

I don't care what the sign says.  This is not a fire.  And you can't start one with that gadget either. 

Kind of an art to making STOP signs stand out.  These people obviously failed the course.  

I wasn't going to post this one, till I realized what was so odd about the picture.  That's a picture of a dumpster.  And there's a "NO DUMPING" sign right next to it.  So what are we supposed to do with this dumpster?  Diving anyone?  

Ya think?  So I should leave now.  Some of those other signs though, gotta wonder.  And its a pretty big property.  Suppose someone doesn't happen to notice this particular sign?  

I can DREAM can't I?  Only if you exit through the door sir.  Here's to dreaming of an alcoholic beverage.  

I've known some down-right non-reserved handicapped folks.  Where should they park? 

The phone on the sign is bigger than the little box containing the phone.  I'm guessing its a micro miniaturized cell phone inside. 

Snort.  Sure there's danger.  Or maybe its that DANGER is CLOSED today.  Or there's an extra D on the sign and it should say DANGER CLOSE?  And what if walk around that pretty intimidating looking barrier?  

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