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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Railings of COC

COC has some distinctive railings.  I worry that the ones made of wires and screws will come apart soon enough, but they look neat.  Possibly a case of making hay when all you've got is sunshine and mother nature gives you lemons. 

A railing dude.  Quit railing against the gods. 

Metal gate.  Okay, not quite a railing, but made of railing type material.  

That first railing from the other direction.  

This railing really wanted to be along a stairs going down.  

Under stairs.  

Yes, there is a railing, Virginia.  

Unnerving when your railing takes a turn down a wall.  

Close-up railing.  

Railing and stairs.  

Railing with in-fill to prevent short students from falling off the walkway underneath the railing.  

Escher railing.  

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