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Saturday, April 23, 2011

College of the Canyons Windows

This starts a major series of posts featuring images shot at College of the Canyons in Valencia, CA.  I found a rather high percentage of the pictures I took to be worthy of further looking at, so there are a lot of these, in addition to the pictures shown in a few blog posts ago, prior to the Val Verde park pictures.  Warning: There are a lot of shots! 

I had thought the campus to be devoid of major photographic interest.  Massive concrete buildings baking in the Santa Claritan sun.  But as I took these pictures, I realized just how incorrect that impression is.  It seems to me that they've done rather a lot with rather little resources.  A lot of the little details and decorations are of interest, as well as the massive buildings themselves, the signage, windows and their reflections, the variegated doors, trees and flowers, birds and bees. 

This post features windows and window reflections.  Windows are the soul of the exterior of a building. 

Find the photographer.  Pico Canyon windows. 

Find the photographer-squared.  Also pico canyon windows, with the shades open so you can see inside the dance practice studio.  

Isn't this the kind of protection drug dealers put up in windows to you can't see that they're making meth inside?  

One of a series of Hasley Hall.  Lots to photograph here.  

Close-up of the patio cover that prevents the sun from shining in all those windows.  

Technically not a window, its a grill covering there.  

Windows with shadowcast.  

 Confab of the police cars in the presence of a modest green house. 

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