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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Signs of COC: Set 1

There are so many signs worthy of our attention at College of the Canyons that they require 3 lengthy posts.  Smoking, alcohol, student pickup, directions, parking, you name it. 

So how do you get the wheelchair up if you can't use the lift?  

And where's the phone number to call to get your vehicle authorized?  Or if you drive past the sign, does that automatically make you authorized? 

I like how they let you know how to get help to quit smoking.  

Flame head man: More guidance on where to smoke.  One of these signs (not this one, but identical to it) had lots of butts underneath it.   

There's a door here?  Looks like a retaining wall.  

Lots of information for days when I forget to bring my book.  

You're in an elevator, and the door opens.  You need to know what floor you're on, so they put the sign on the outside facing where????   And we need two signs, one per elevator.  In some buildings, you might be on a different floor depending on which elevator you used?  

Burnished metal directional signs.  Left, right and upper front.  

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