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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Equipment on the COC Campus

College of the Canyons is ready for anything.  A cross section of the hardware in use on campus for electrical, phone, internet, carbon dating and dusting. 

Large box on outside of concrete bunker.  Clearly an important piece of equipment.  Probably the computer system that runs the entire campus when the chancellor is out of town, records grades and overcharges your credit card. 

Smaller boxes that control traffic and the diurnal rhythms of the campus.  These turn the stop signs invisible, and allow jaywalkers to escape damage.  Also these control the height of the grass and flowers and plants so that the campus pays a much reduced fee for gardening. 

The dust hog.  This hog pulls in dust from the surrounding fields and distributes it uniformly across all books and professors office spaces to give that lived in, university-style feel of great antiquity. 

A close-up of the internet pipes running into campus.  The COC internet connection is so large, they can deliver objects up to the size of a medium pizza to your desktop inside any COC faculty office. 

Outdoor wireless connections.  Not suitable for pizza delivery. But strong enough to provide service anywhere on campus provided no one is smoking near you. 

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