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Sunday, April 3, 2011

College of the Canyon Buildings

More COC (College of the Canyons) pictures.  These are some of the building views I caught.

Camouflage park bench with window.  Check out the tree shadow too. 

Student center entrance with windows.  In a place where the temperature hits 110 in the summer, you'd think you'd need a lot less windows.  

Love the stairs and the handrail shadows going up and down.  

And the weird looking building next to the stairs. 

Reflections in the windows.  

Sometimes the absence of a building is the most important thing about the building.  

One way to make a dodecagon.  Start with a 13 sided polygon and remove one side.  

Windows, doors, supports and a hill.  

Never let it be said that ugly can't be beautiful. Note the "No graffiti" sign erasure. 

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