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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Signs of COC: Set 2

More signs from COC. 

Blogger insisted that this sign needed to be rotated 90 degrees.  More citations await your future.  What if you're not dropping off a student beyond this point?  Suppose you dropped off or picked up a faculty member or maybe the president?  And what if your student weighs too much to be picked up? 

And this is even worse.  You can't even drop off a student, nor turn around beyond this point.  And if you went and weren't able to turn around?  Would they cite your vehicle? 

And you students can park here in the evening, but daytime belongs to, well basically this is a daycare, and parents can park to drop their students off. 

And this sign is very close to the previous sign.  Staff are also included.  Except on weekends.  And we need a semi-temporary sign saying about the same hung between two poles specifically mounted for the purpose of hanging a sign between them!

Who knew?  They have erasers for metal signage!  This used to say Visitor parking.  Now its not clear who this parking is for.  Maybe if the facilities office drives up (in what?) then the office can park itself right here. 

I need these dolphin signs to remind me which man hole covers drain to ocean.  You never know when you'll need to pull a Nemo and zip down the sink and escape to the ocean!

How'd you like it if some tree came up to you and put a sign in front of you calling you "SLOW"? 

This is the Central Commons.  They also have a non-central commons with n-1 degrees of freedom.  (Sorry, that's a stat joke.)  Amusingly, there is no building called "Central Commons" on the COC map. 

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