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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Signs of COC: Set 3

Our third set of COC signs. 

Who you calling Dips?  And snacking isn't really consonant with a fitness walk. 

At least the north commons is north of central commons.  Though neither can be found on the COC map.  Go figure.  

About that buddy system.  After you've taken your friend to his vehicle, you should run like the dickens to your vehicle and jump in really really fast.  

It takes a village.  Fortunately they have one around.  And you can find the village on the map. If you're going to the student support center, I suggest jogging a little left before going forward. 

As a child, I loved these puzzles.  Now what number is missing.  Could it be a 2?  

Fantastical van painting.  

There is something to be said for a single non-confusing, coherent, systematic sign.  Perhaps they could replace these 5 signs (with 7 messages on them) with a single sign in consistent print that has each item numbered from most important to least important.  As it is, there is so much writing here I'm expecting a quiz on the message in the morning.  

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