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Sunday, February 26, 2012

College of the Canyons, Set Pieces

Groupings of objects.

Narrow passageway to India.  With street lamps.

Chair, tree and water minor.

Wall trimmings and seating arrangements.

Where to park your barbecue when driving to school.

University center fountain.

Collection of ground surfaces.  Collect the whole set!

College of the Canyons, Set Piece Portraiture

Some items that were just, er, sitting there.  So I took their picture.  And they said, "Give it back!".  So here they are.

Portal to another world.  Lots of extra hardware with this door.

Chair and ground holes.

COC student?  Or tree trunk piece?  Only you can decide.

Water boy? Early R2D2 prototype?  Aftermath of a hydrant roping rodeo?

Hawk was seriously unafraid of me.  Wouldn't move no matter how long I stayed.  So I wasn't able to attempt a picture of it in flight, or at least with wings spread.

College of the Canyons Views 2012

Some views from and around COC, Valencia campus.

The baseball field stands.

Academy of the Canyons, where blogsdottir attends high school.  And a couple of poles, light pole, and flag pole.  The flag pole is not for sitting on.

The view through the University Center.

Magic Mountain rides in the distance, backdropped (is that a word?) by the Santa Susanna mountains.

Room with a view?  Or at least with a window.  

Not storks.  Cranes.  Looks like a mating pair.

Tree and view.  Front is a weekend car sales lot.

Oak Trees of COC 2012

Some of the oak trees around campus.

No dumping on this tree.

This is what happens when you dump on a tree.

And this too.

This tree is special.  Has its own retaining wall, driveway and light fixtures.

Stairs of COC, 2012 edition

Stairways and stairwells.
Experimenting with the photo size.

COC is a college on hills.  And that means lots of stairs.  Grey stairs

And up stairs.

And hidden stairs.

And yellow stairs.

2012 College of the Canyons

Another series of shots from College of the Canyons.

Pool.  Enough said.  But lots of concrete available to say it upon.

Every which way.  Do you get the feeling the building and the sign designer share genetic material?

If you see it, better run.
Yeah 'cause if you hit that corner, it is gonna hurt.
It's very shy, this corner.
Don't touch.  It's incredibly sharp.

Looks more like a fire wall than a fire lane.