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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Trash and assorted items at College of the Canyons

Trash cans and drains and such at COC. 

Trash can in the bathroom.  So attractive.  Think of how much time we spend looking at beautiful things like this. 

This is not a dumpster, but got stuck here anyway.  The dumpster is a couple of posts ago in the signs post.  This is next door to the dumpster.  Someone goes and parks their storage bin right there, then puts a "NO PARKING" sign on it.  Hope that's not self-referential. 

Drains to ... somewhere.  I need the blue spray-painted porpoise so I know that it drains to ocean. 

Manhole cover with rat tail.  That's one way to lift it up.  Until the rat tail erodes away from all the people stepping on it.  

Modern convenience trash can.  Brand new and spiffy, hardly ever been used.  This is where I'm throwing my trash out.  

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