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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Val Verde Park Signs

Made a side trip to Val Verde Park and took some pictures.  A casual, elderly, quiet sort of place.  Narrow streets, run down houses.  Seemed rather pleasant.  Had a few kids, but I saw rather way more adults than kids.

These pictures are some of the park signs posted around.

Poor park, getting graded and it's not even in school.  This gate was the best gate I experienced! 

As I looked at the pool building, I was trying to guess if the building had been built in the 1940s or 1960s.  They must have dusted off an old design.  The date is July 1996. 

This sign is quite true.  There is no one flying over water in this picture.  Superman, be alert.  No flying over water in Val Verde park.  

These are better than the things available in my park.  And it's better than a bag, too!  But its degradable, so use it quick.  

Because women still wear A-frame midi hoop skirts.  

Yes, lets just put this sign in amongst this bush of poison oak.  After installing the sign, those guys were really itching.  And our friends the sign taggers know all this already, and figured we didn't need to read the sign.  

The sign size Water Bond 2000, and Governator Schwarzenegger, but he wasn't governator in 2000.  

Its an accessible path for the handicapped unfortunately the gate is closed, and only folks not in wheel chairs can make it around the gate to get to the playground beyond.  This right there is going to make me downgrade my park experience. 

And they pay all their taxes and never write nasty notes to the county commissioners and never step in the poison oak.  

Lets see.  Counter clockwise from upper left.  (1) No jug wine and no martinis, at least none with an olive.  (2) No carts with umbrellas if they only have 2 wheels.  (3) No underarm spray and no styptic pencils.  (4) Men (see above for women) may bring their mastiffs on a leash. 

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