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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Doors of COC

Doors are a favorite photography target of mine.  Here we see the doors of COC. 

Pico Canyon Hall loading dock doors.  I expect Darth Vader to enter through these. 

Plain vanilla generic doors.  

This is the Fire Sprinkler Riser room 103.  Two doors for the price of three.  

You wouldn't want just anyone to use these restrooms.  Protection at all costs.  

Awesome blue with security trash can guard.  

Gateway to another dimension.  

I expect to see a dairy case behind this door.  Don't know why.  Seems like a complicated contraption when they could have installed a regular door.  

Reflections on the floor from door windows.  

Around the other side, they have the non-emerging technologies.  That's a dirty room.  

Left handers enter through the right door, and right handers enter through the left door.  Is that clear?  And there is drainage in case the building floods.  

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