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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Some shots of Valencia

Taken East of Bouquet Canyon along the new Newhall Ranch Road.  Even though it's not in Newhall.  Go figure.  This is a random mix of photos. 

When you need to hide your mountain from onlookers, an Andy Gump fence is a good choice of course.  However, it is important to check the height of the mountain.  This fence is too low and the mountain peeks (peaks?) (piques?) over.  Its like those changing rooms where they cover your mid section but not your legs or shoulders as you try on a pair of pants. 

Off to the races.  On your mark, get set.  Seems like we have some of the broadest of thoroughfares in Valencia.  You're looking at 7 lanes of oncoming traffic there.  

 Mud and water.  Sounds like a song.  Like scotch and soda.  But with nicer reflections. 

Drain puddle remnant.  On sale now, 20% off.  

Totally tubular.  Except for the bumps and dents.  

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