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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Intellectual Selection of Photos

These pictures aren't necessarily the best shots I've taken.  They are here because of their intellectual interest.  I do keep coming back to look at these, so they hold some interest for me.  I think the composition isn't as good as some of my pictures, but trying to understand what is going on in the picture is the point of these pictures. 

 This photo has at least three reflections in it.  It is a picture of the side rear view mirror, and the camera is seen in the mirror.  The sun glints off the lens housing.  A rear window is seen in the mirror, and the window itself reflects landscape. 

I think of this as a photo of the shadows thrown onto the garage door.  You may see the garage door as the main feature of this photo.  It's an interesting conundrum in figure/ground.  At first viewing I had trouble seeing the garage door for the shadows.  As an extra bonus, the car body reflects images as well. 

Sunlight reflecting off a post-rain puddle contaminated with a bit of oil spill.  Something grows inside the puddle and bits of dirt are scattered around. 

The camera visible in a reflection to the right, setting sun, dramatic clouds, and ominous lighting make for a disconcerting image. 

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