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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Canyon Country: Fall Views and Colors 2

More Canyon Country fall colors and trees.  Its been a good year for color, lets milk it for all its worth.

Birch golden yellow.

If this one turns, its a bad sign.

Golden red birch.

A lot of bright red this year.

And bright yellow too.

More red, almost auburn.

People trim the olive trees in some interesting Dr. Seussian patterns.

Red color with bug.  Note the bug's path.

The same bug making an illegal U-turn by another brilliant red tree.

Succulent on this.

Another yellow.

And when winter hits, and the leaves are gone, the birdies are left and cold.  Tweet tweet.

And where do all those leaves go?  Down, to the ground, but not to get out of the rain.

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