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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Larchmont District Shops

Visited the Larchmont district near Melrose and Vine over by the Wilshire country club.  These are pictures of some of the shops.

Barber shop has been here for quite some time, from before this was a happening area.

Alley way for tenants only.  No deliveries, so what's the point?  Are we talking residential tenants?  And not commercial tenants?

I like the green paint job for the Avocado Grill, but I'm less certain about visiting an all-green skin care and massage mini-spa.  Perhaps Kermit might enjoy a visit?  

Please, step into my back parlour for cookies and milk.  Over here is the master bedroom suite and down this hallway you can find the children's bedrooms.  Can you imagine spending 8 work hours a day in this?  Where do you take breaks?  And the bathroom?

One of the less quainter (is that a word?) establishments.

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