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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Santa Monica near Sepulveda

I visited south of campus and took a few shots there. I haven't posted in a while, I've got a new OS, new laptop, new monitor, new picture tools and blogger has been updated as well. Hopefully the pictures are still good.

Door handles.  I may need to go back and get a better shot of those handles, just hanging in the air.  

Words floating in space.  I'm feeling dyslexic right about now.

Tall building, and its not mobile.  I wonder if anyone has told Exxon-Mobil that they have been misspelling mobile all these years?

Is that AT&T water?

Camera tends to saturate with bright colors.  Pretty pink flowers.

She just looks uncomfortable to me.  Like Sue in Glee after something good happens.  Plus there's only 2 hour parking.

LA County prison facility number three hundred and twenty.

Mini-mall over shadowed by tall non-mobile building.

Reflections of coffee past, coffee present, and coffee yet to come.

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