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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Every Litter Bit Helps

Litter is ubiquitous.  Libitquitous?  All over.  I feel like a forensic litter-ologist, identifying bags and where they came from; bottles and who made them; found objects and someone to name them.

A generic small trash bag.  Inflated by the wind and flapping wildly. 

Who's got the power?  

Sobe on grass.  Sounds like a delicacy.  

The winning ticket.  

The wind blows strong in Canyon Country.  Picture the fridge, tucked away in a corner of the garage: door opening and closing, snapping in the wind.  Suddenly, a gust flings the ice tray out the door, out of the garage, and down the street, out to this lee spot out of the gale-force wind.  Save the poor ice cubes left to melt in the sun. 

Rite AID tied on to the branch and inflated by the wind.  Notice how twigs love to play with grocery bags?  

Even though this one doesn't have a visible name, the color suggests that it belongs to Vons.  

A perfectly good roll of sheet plastic.  Available for painting and other odd jobs.  Still in fresh condition.   

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