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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Generalized Tree Boles of Miami Beach

We take a broader view of tree boles when they're from Miami Beach. 

Miami and Miami Beach are well known retirement communities, and this is true for retired palm trees as well.  A number of palm trees used upright supports to maintain their erect status.  I guess the Palm tree walker with tennis balls on two feet and wheels on the other two feet has not been invented yet. 

One tree bole. 

Two tree boles.  

And this is three tree boles originating at the same spot, except you can barely see the third tree bole.  This was supposed to be the culmination of this series of three shots.  Instead, it's barely functional as a three tree cap stone picture. 

Miami Beach likes to wrap their new street lights in bubble wrap.  

This lamp has mugged a safari-goer and is wearing their pith-helmet hat as a trophy.  

Lot of little orange palm trees all over the streets of Miami Beach.  These mobile trees rove the streets until finally finding a place to set down roots.  Due to the dearth of good potting earth, they often do not

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