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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Miami Beach Signs II: Signs of the Beach

Beach and Near Beach Signage.  Or should I say Miami Beach Beach Signage? 

When I took this photo, purple and green flags were flying.  Low hazard, and dangerous marine life are indicated.  Sharks, but not horrible sharks?  Or maybe jellyfish, but you could eat them before they could eat you?  Slow moving salt water crocodiles?  A close up of the Rip Currents instruction manual is given below. 

That's not all you can't do while on the dunes.  No walking on through around or by the dunes, except on the designated walk ways.  

I understand diving is really hazardous here.  

Oh rats.  

Lets see, no fun, no entertainment, no man's best friend, no boozing it up, no imbibing anything non-alcoholic in a glass bottle, no wine glasses.  And no unauthorized vending of wine from a skateboard!  Please move all vending machines away from the boardwalk.  Now about that animal ban:  "You're under arrest".  "But officer, it's not my seagull!" 

No feeding of that animal that you're not allowed to bring.  

I love these instruction manuals.  Need these in all places that have rip currents especially.  And watch for those underwater obstructions.  You know, that dead manatee that sank after no one was allowed to feed it.  And a web site to visit back in your hotel room, assuming of course that you avoided the rip current on your current (hah hah, pun intended) visit.  All joking aside however, there are lots of these rip tides (undertow appears to be another name for the same phenomenon) -- and the impression I get from scanning the web site is that they can form and disappear and that one person can get caught and someone right next to them in the ocean might not even notice the rip tide.  Some folks have even been dragged out even from a position standing on the bottom or even from as little as about 3 yards out.  So do read the sign and follow the instructions if you get caught. 

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