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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Broken Things

Its seemed roughly one third of all the buildings and hotels were undergoing restoration.  Active reconstruction was restricted to a very few buildings and to the streets.  Even my hotel was undergoing reconstruction while we were in it.  That was unpleasant during the day time. 

Need to put the railings back on these balconies.  And paint the undersides too. 

Streets were all torn up.  Here is the local tiddly-wink collection.  

Nicely taped in blue.  I thought it was the usual Miami Beach blue trim til I paid closer attention.  

Only the exterior remains.  The interior is all gone.  

This one is almost ready.  

Sinkholes can hit anywhere.  

This building was unique in shape and size and I wondered what was in it, and then realized that it was undergoing renovation like all the others.  

Nice set of high dives, right into the dry pool.  This entire building was closed off.  

This looks like its been rotated sideways, but its not.  This is a close up of the ground floor doorways from inside to the outside.  

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