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Friday, July 19, 2013

Love the Beach and Ocean Shadings

Water, sand and rock off Ericeira.  

A fisherman.  Question: What do you call a fish that eats men? Would it be a Manerfish?  Mannerfish would get the a in man sounding correctly.  Would that fish throw a line up onto the sand with an oreo cookie or something?  Then when someone grabs the cookie, they tug on the line and the fish reels them back into the ocean.

Something big and concrete this way comes.  Giants' blocks all a tumble.  Colors and stria in the cliffs.

North view of rugged cliffs.

Several tongues of water draining off the beach back into the ocean which is remarkably flat except right at the beach edge, almost looking as if its container just disappeared.  Forte de Milregos up on the cliff at right.

Ribeira de Ilhas beach proper.  The group of people are in the stream that hits the ocean at this point.  And yes, that's a hand-bra in the foreground.

A better look at the tongues of water draining back to the ocean and the giants' blocks at the top.

Birds eye view: ocean waves and cliffs.

Related view showing people on the beach and the river at the bottom of the picture.  

Ocean tongue and the beach inbetween tongues.  Only a few footprints on this beach.

Crashing wave. See the foam and the sand caught up in the foam, the colors just under the top of the wave and the two rock sentinels.  The ocean almost wants to pour itself onto the beach.

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