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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Random Pictures from Lisbon and Ericeira Portugal

Odd shots from Ericeira and Lisbon Portugal that I find fun to look at.

Stairs at the Christo Rei statue (see next post for couple of full body shots) between levels at the observation platform.

Reflections in bus windows.

Windows with reflections.

A window in the Igreja (church) do Carmo. Notice the growth at the top, like hair coming out my ears.

Lisbon has modernized (for better or worse) that now you can get a Corona at places other than the Hard Rock.

Old fashioned car appears to be selling out the back.  Portuguese equivalent of a roach coach?

View of a street from Elevador de Santa Justa. See the shadow of the Elevador platform on the right.

Rooftops from and railings on the Elevador.  Another use for martial arts stars.

Surfing lessons van.

Three-wheeled delivery truck.

Cranes over Lisbon.  The economy has been badly damaged by European economic policies.

Graffiti is ubiquitous.  But often rather playful.  

Tram or train station.

Hill of grain near Ze Manuel's house.

Tile walls and decorative windows.

Beach hotel patio in Ericeira through a porthole.

Beach goer gone.

Empty modern design park bench.  Empty for a reason. Looks hot and uncomfortable.

Plenty of things need painting in Portugal.  Why paint specifically this wall?  Painting the other side might be dangerous!

Many folks know that the magnetic north pole has shifted around over the eons.  Little do people realize that gravity has also shifted.  This tree documents how gravity shifted 90 degrees at some point in its history, causing the tree to take a sudden left turn to continue growing 'up'.

Up the down staircase.  Or is it down the up staircase? Inside Christo Rei.

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