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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Stately Buildings of Paris

Stately buildings and a few odds and ends.

A standard style.  Ground floor is business.  In this case the second (American) floor is also business, floors 3-5 are apartments and 6 is the garret with attic gables for additional decoration and possibly illumination.  Windows have decorative shutters and railings.

Ground floor business, 2nd to 6th are apartments.  Balconies scattered here and there.

Plainer buildings down the streets, a fancier building with an extra floor on the corner.

The French play a grand game of tic-tac-toe.  Here illustrating a dominating 5 in a row.

A vertical garden.  Water is dripping down the wall, the plant life is lush and green. The Musée du quai Branly featuring indigenous art.

Somewhere on the left bank.  A 7 story narrow building.  Corner of Avenue Rapp and Rue Edmontin Valentin.  That's a Lancia/Alfa Romeo dealer on the ground floor.

This optical illusion on a building wall at the end of Square Rapp.

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